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Building on quality & success

Our objective at PEC is to provide outstanding service and innovative solutions to deliver optimum results. Whenever there is a more professional way to ensure value, clients can rely upon our staff to propose such a course. From pre-construction services and project engineering to construction management and field logistics, PEC has the unique advantage of being able to manage each project from inception to end. Our extensive hands-on experience, combined with our dedication to precision workmanship, gives clients the assurance that we understand the sophisticated demands of each and every detail of their project.
Our specialties include ground-up construction of new buildings, additions, interior and exterior renovations, and remodeling. We tailor our services to each project and a client’s individual needs including design support, preliminary budgeting, resource and logistics planning, scope management, project scheduling, project administration, and supervision.
PEC is committed to building long-term relationships with highly satisfied clients by providing reliable service and innovative solutions, all the while focusing on the details and expectations of our clients’ construction needs. A critical feature of our service seeks to identify and effectively address the impact of a facility on the end-users. We take the time to learn about the priorities and needs of our clients, which assists us in determining how our services can best meet or exceed all of their construction goals.

Our Mission: About Us
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